HSTouch Server Setup

After you have successfully connected to your Wi-Fi network, you must make sure HSTouch Server is properly set up before connecting the client to your HomeSeer system. Follow the instructions below to set up HSTouch Server.

  1. In the web interface, open the PLUG-INS drop menu and select Manage.
  2. If HSTouch Server is already installed, skip to step 6. Otherwise, continue with these steps.
  3. Expand Additional Interfaces. 
  4. Scroll down to and expand User Interfaces. Check the box next to HomeSeer HSTouch Server.
  5. Scroll back up and click on Download and Install.
  6. Now that HSTouch Server is installed, it must be enabled for mobile access. Underneath the Enable column, click on the red toggle. It will turn green and a check mark will appear in it.
  7. HSTouch Server is now enabled. You can now go into HSTouch on your device to configure HSTouch.

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