HS3Touch Client Setup

Here you will learn how to configure your HS3Touch settings and use HS3Touch to connect to your HomeSeer system directly, without our MyHS service from your phone, tablet, or other mobile device. If you would like to use MyHS, please review these instructions.

Please note! Unless you have HS3Touch Designer and have created a custom interface, you will want to use our new app, HomeSeer Mobile instead.

(For iOS, please go to your Settings App first.)

  1. Launch HS3Touch. (If you have not already registered, you will need to do so first before continuing with these steps. Press Register and follow this guide.)
  2. Tap Settings. A menu on the bottom right will pop up. Tap Settings again. (This menu can also be used to switch between servers, go to settings, or exit the app.)
  3. Within the settings you are given multiple options. Server 1 through Server 4 allow you to configure each server for different locations.
  4. Select the server you would like to have as your Home setup.
  5. Configure a Label for that HomeSeer system. Tap Address to enter the IP address or domain of the HomeSeer system. 
  6. Now that you have set up the connection address, go ahead and enter in your username and password for that server. There is no need to change the port.
  7. You can follow steps 3-5 for the remaining 3 connections.
  8. If you go back to the main settings screen, there are other options for setting up HS3Touch.
  9. Connection Mode allows you to choose a default connection for each time you start HS3Touch. (HS3Touch will no longer prompt to choose a connection at the beginning.)
  10. Dim System bar allows for the bottom system bar to be dimmed. 
  11. Font Scaling allows for changing the scaling factor.
  12. Auto Size allows for the auto-sizing of the project being used for your device. 
  13. Client Name will allow you to change the name of your device's HS3Touch Client. (For use with HS3Touch Designer). 
  14. Zip code is used for weather. 
  15. Now that your Client has been set up, go back to the Main Screen and go to the settings menu on the bottom right. Tap Exit. Now go to your app drawer and click HS3Touch. This will allow for any changes to take place.
  16. You are now ready to control your home via your device!

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