Factory Restore

This HomeTroller comes with a built-in restore drive. This restore will set your system back to exactly how you received it (factory default). Doing a system restore will reset your HomeTroller back to factory default and wipe user data. 

WARNING: Make sure to make a backup of your HomeSeer HS3 folder (located C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\HomeSeerHS3) if you want to save anything from your previous HS3 install. All user data will be erased.

  1. Attach a monitor and keyboard to your HomeTroller.
  2. Restart your HomeTroller.
  3. Wait for the HomeSeer Start/Restore Menu to show up.
  4. Select the System Restore option.
  5. Press Enter when it prompts you to select the restore option (ie S6_SYSTEMRESTORE_XXXXXX).
  6. Your HomeTroller will restart once finished.

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