Installing Plug-ins

(Alternatively, you can watch this  video tutorial.)

HomeSeer works with many different protocols. All of these protocols require a plug-in to be installed. There are HomeSeer Tech plug-ins and many 3rd party plug-ins. Please follow the instructions below on installing a plug-in.

Note: Some plug-ins will be in the BETA section at the very bottom.

  1. Open the PLUG-INS drop menu and click Manage.
  2. Expand the Additional Interfaces section. This will present you with a list of categories. Each category has a list of plug-ins that can be installed.
  3. Expand the category your plug-in is located in.
  4. Click the check box to the left of the plug-in that you want to install. (You may check more than one at a time.)
  5. After you have selected the plug-in or plug-ins you wish to install, a Download and Install button will appear. Click this button.
  6. You'll be given a progress bar under the Installed Plug-ins section indicating the status of the install.
  7. You must now Enable your plug-ins to use them. Once they are enabled they will be available to configure. Some plug-ins will require you to enter a COM port before going into the configuration pages.
  8. To get to the configuration pages, open the PLUG-INS drop menu again. Your installed plug-ins will now be listed in this menu. Hover over them to access the configuration pages.

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