Adding the HSM200 to your Z-Wave Network (for HomeSeer HS3 System Users)

The HSM200 is designed to sense motion, temperature, and light levels, and will work with most Z-Wave certified controllers or smart hubs. HomeSeer HS3 system users can also program the unit to display up to seven different colors when things happen in the home. Since the HSM200 is line powered, it can function as a Z-Wave network repeater and doesn't require batteries!

The HSM200 can be added directly through HS3 or can be added via your Z-Wave controller and then imported. (Go here if you are not using HS3.)

  1. Open the PLUG-INS drop menu, then Z-Wave, then select Controller Management.
  2. Expand your Z-Wave controller. Open the Actions menu and select Add / Include Z-Wave Device.
  3. Click Start to initiate the Add process and press the button once on the side of the HSM200 to put it into Inclusion mode. The process will take some time to complete.