HS3 / SmartStick+ Configuration

  1. Using a PC, tablet, or phone, open a browser and enter find.homeseer.com in the URL line. Then click the Search... button. When the results appear, click the IP address hyperlink in the System column to access your HomeTroller or HS3 software system.
  2. Open the PLUG-INS drop menu, then Z-Wave, then click Controller Management. Click the Add Interface button.
  3. Name your SmartStick+, select the SmartStick+ as the device type and then correct COM port.
  4. Finally, click the yellow and red disabled button to enable your new SmartStick+. A green enabled button should now appear.
  5. If you're building a Z-Wave network from scratch, refer to your HomeTroller or HS3 documentation for information on setting up your Z-Wave network and skip the Restore Z-Wave Network to SmartStick+ step. If you're upgrading from another interface, proceed to Restore Z-Wave Network to SmartStick+.