Restore Z-Wave Network to SmartStick+ (Only if upgrading from another Z-Wave interface)

  1. In the web interface, open the PLUG-INS drop menu, open Z-Wave, then select Controller Management
  2. Expand the listing for your new SmartStick+, then select Restore a Network to this Interface from the Actions menu.
  3. Choose the file you created back in Backup Current Z-Wave Network, confirm and start the restore. Your existing Z-Wave network information will be written to your SmartStick+. Click the Close button when this operation is done.
  4. At this point, SmartStick+ should be able to control only devices that are within direct range, since the routing table was not included in the backup/restore function. To confirm this, open the Actions menu again and select Test Node Connectivity on a Network, then click Start. You should see a mixture of "successfully contacted" and "did not respond" messages, unless all nodes are within direct range of your SmartStick+.
  5. Rebuilding the Routing Table: Open the Actions menu and select Optimize a Network, No Return Route Changes and then click Start. This will begin the process of rebuilding your routing table, one node at a time. This may take some time to complete, depending on the size of your network. We recommend running this function at least twice to build a reliable network.
  6. Adding Return Routes: Open the Actions menu and select Fully Optimize a Network. This will finalize the process of building your routing table by adding return routes from your devices back to SmartStick+.