System Restore and Resetting the Network

Zee System Restore Procedure

Use this procedure only after the 911 features do not fix your problem and you have contacted HomeSeer support. This procedure will wipe your existing data. Make sure to back up your HS3 configuration by opening TOOLS, selecting Setup, and then pressing the Backup Config button.

  1. Plug in a monitor and keyboard to your Zee.
  2. Restart your Zee and wait for the prompt that says "For recovery mode, hold Shift".
  3. Once the restore loads, a screen will load shortly allowing you to select the Zee S2 Factory Image.
  4. Select the Factory Image and click Install at the top left.
  5. Once finished click OK and your Zee will reboot.

Zee Reset Network Settings

  1. Connect a keyboard to the unit and reboot your Zee S2.
  2. Type R or r and then press Enter when the light turns yellow.
  3. If the light turns blue, your settings were successfully reset.

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