Web Server Port Fix

HS3 users web server port 80 by default. If you get a web server error when starting HS3, another program may already be using that port. You can fix that issue by assigning the HS3 web server to another port. This issue occurs on some Windows 10 installs. Here's how to do that:
  1. Make sure that the HS3 software is not currently running. Making the changes below while HS3 is running will not resolve the issue.
  2. Open your Windows File Explorer and locate the 'settings.ini' file in the HS3/Config folder (Zee S2 and Linux users, you can use WinSCP to navigate to your config folder. Double-click the file to edit.)
  3. Open the settings.ini file with NotePad and change the gWebSvrPort port setting to '88' (or some other number). If the gWebSvrPort setting doesn't exist, just create it as shown below.

  4. Save and close the settings.ini file and start HS3 again. The web server should work now.

*Disable your firewall for any other continued web server issues.