Overview: Installation and Registration


Z-Seer+ is a software tool that's designed to help diagnose and treat the health of a HomeSeer system's Z-Wave network. Z-Seer+ will reveal the following information for any device (node) in the network:

  • Z-Wave node numbers
  • Z-Wave neighbor list
  • Precise command route
  • Number of wireless hops in command route
  • Node communication health 

In addition, Z-Seer+ includes these tools:

  • Graphical network map covering all devices
  • Full network and individual device communication tests (command and return routes)
  • Individual device optimization (resets command routes)

What You'll Need

  • PC running Windows 7 (or later) and with Microsoft .NET 4.52 (or later) installed
  • Any home automation system running HomeSeer HS3 or HS3PRO software
  • Z-Wave Plug-in v3.0.1.124 or later must be installed
  • 500 Series (Z-Wave Plus) controller required to show route information (includes HomeSeer SmartStick+, HomeSeer Z-NET, Nortek HUSBZ, Z-Wave.me UZB Stick or Aeon Labs Z-Stick GEN5)

Software Installation

Download the Z-Seer+ installer from HomeSeer.com/downloads and launch it on your PC. Follow the prompts to complete the installation and a shortcut to the program will be added to your desktop and start menu.


  • After opening Z-Seer+ for the first time, you will be prompted to register it. If you close this by accident, you can always get back to the registration section from Help > Register License...
  • If you are a HomeSeer veteran and own a copy of the original HS2 version of Z-Seer, then you can enter your older license along with the upgrade license you received. You can always recover licenses from here.
  • If you do not have an HS2 Z-Seer license, then you will simply want to enter the license info you purchased in the License ID and License Password fields, which you should have received from licensing@homeseer.com.
  • If you are an HS3PRO or HomeTroller PRO owner, Z-Seer+ is included with your PRO version of HS3. Just use your HS3PRO license to register your copy of Z-Seer+.

Attention: Users with Multiple Z-Wave Interfaces (controllers) 

Z-Seer+ is designed to work with one Z-Wave interface at a time. If you have multiple Z-NETs installed, Z-Seer+ will only connect to one at a time. Be sure to power down the other one(s) when connecting to Z-Seer+.