How To Add HS-WD200+ to SmartThings Hub

Go to this URL and log in with SmartThings account:

Click on the "My Device Handlers" menu
Click "Create New Device Handler" on the right
Click "From Code"
Click here to view the code on GitHub
Click "Create" at the bottom
Click "Publish" and select "For Me" 

Now add the WD200 to the SmartThings app and verify that it shows the multitap tiles. These tiles do not do anything, but tapping the paddle will display the number of taps on the screen. 
Click the Gear icon to adjust settings such as default LED color.
The switch shows up in SmartThings as supporting 12 buttons, the buttons can be used as triggers as follows: 


  1. Double-Tap Up
  2. Double-Tap Down
  3. Triple-Tap Up
  4. Triple-Tap Down
  5. Hold Up
  6. Hold Down
  7. Single-Tap Up
  8. Single-Tap Down
  9. 4 taps up
  10. 4 taps down
  11. 5 taps up
  12. 5 taps down

To use set the status mode LEDS and blink, you need to install the CoRE SmartApp, directions are here: (The manual installation is easiest)
To control the LEDS on the switch, add an new piston set the trigger to whatever you want (maybe a button on the switch) 

Add an action and select the switch for the action, a list of actions will appear, there are some custom actions: 

setSwitchModeNormal() Sets the switch to Normal mode, disables status display
setSwitchModeStatus() Sets the switch to Status mode and will display any LEDS that are enabled
setDefaultColor(color) Sets the default color of ALL LEDS in Normal mode color parameter is a #: 

  • 0=White 
  • 1=Red 
  • 2=Green 
  • 3=Blue 
  • 4=Magenta
  • 5=Yellow 
  • 6=Cyan

setStatusLed (led,color,blink) Sets a specific LED to a specific color and sets it to blink or not to blinkled parameter is the led # to set (1-7) 
color parameter is a # which is the color to set: 

  • 0=Off 
  • 1=Red
  • 2=Green 
  • 3=Blue 
  • 4=Magenta 
  • 5=Yellow 
  • 6=Cyan 
  • 7=White 

blink parameter is 1 to blink and 0 to no blink 

When any LED is set, the switch to put into status mode. When all LEDS are set to OFF, the switch goes back to Normal mode