Update SEL to Mono 5


Some plug-ins require Mono version 5 or higher. If you purchased your SEL after 03/01/18, you do not need this script. DO NOT RUN THIS SCRIPT ON A SYSTEM THAT ALREADY HAS MONO 5 OR HIGHER. To check, follow steps 1-2, and 7. If you do not feel comfortable running the following commands, please contact support and we can remote in and do it for you

To check the systems current mono version run the command "mono --version" from the Linux tools page or from putty.

1) Navigate to Tools > System > Linux Tools

2) Login with the system password that you created when you first set up the device

3) Download the update script using the following command, without quotes "sudo wget homeseer.com/linux/mono5.sh"

4) Run the script "sudo sh mono5.sh"

5) The system will automatically reboot, once it is online, test to make sure the error in your log is gone.

7) After completion, connect back to your Zee S2 and run the following command in Linux Tools (Steps 1-2), "mono --version". 

*This procedure can also be performed using SSH (putty)

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