Device Filters

HomeSeer Mobile offers multiple ways to filter your device list.

A first option is to change the filters of your Location1 and Location2

By clicking on, in our case, an Area or Room, a list is presented. HomeSeer Mobile allows you to filter on both locations for a fine-tuned device list.

To clear your second location filter, simply click on that location and select All

Click CLEAR to return back to all devices.

A second option can be done by clicking the 3 dot menu on a device and selecting the Go to "Location", This will automatically apply filters similar to option 2.

This method is a quick filter method for seeing devices in a specific Floor or Room quickly.

The third option is by searching. Click the Search icon in the top bar and enter keyboards to reduce your list

Note: On iOS devices using iOS version 9 or 10, the search bar is not available. Only the filters can be used to filter the display.

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