Frequently Asked Questions

The controls on my devices don’t display the same as other devices or the same every time I load the app.  How do I configure how these display?
  • Change the column/row/column span configuration on the device in HS3
Where are the associated control devices on my widgets?  They show up on the device list but not the widget.
  • These devices are not displayed the same way on widgets as they are on the device list.  They have been moved into the list of secondary devices displayed at the top of the widget.
I created a dashboard while connected to a system through MyHS.  Now I am connecting to it through an IP/Hostname, and I don’t see my dashboards.  Where are they? 
  • Dashboards are saved by session, not system.  Connecting through MyHS is always considered a different session than if you are connecting directly via hostname/IP.
Should I be using MyHS to connect to my system or IP/Hostname?
  • Using MyHS will try to connect through wifi first if you are on the same LAN or utilize the MyHS tunnel if you aren't. Connecting directly via IP/Hostname is available for those who do not want to use MyHS and prefer an offline system or to manage their own tunnel. If you do not have a specific reason for using IP/Hostname it is advised to connect through MyHS.

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