Configuring a MyHS Premium Account

Account Setup

Setting up a free MyHS account will allow you to connect to one system and give you a single set of login credentials for free. If you have multiple HomeSeer systems and want to be able to connect to all of them from a single login, or want to create unique logins for members of your family or house guests, we offer the Premium MyHS subscription! 

From the store page, you will see that there are a few options for purchase. Each payment of $24 will allow you to add 10 systems to your MyHS account.  Additionally, you can make a one-time purchase, or select the annual renewal to automatically pay for a new subscription once your first year runs out.

Once the Premium MyHS subscription is purchased, it will attempt to automatically update your MyHS account. In order for this to work, you will need to have configured your MyHS and HomeSeer store accounts with the same email address. You will also want to use the same email address when you register your HS3 installation. If your accounts are not set up this way or MyHS does not allow you to take advantage of the subscriber features, please contact us and we will be happy to get it set up for you.

Setting Up Users

Once your Premium subscript is set up, you can visit, enter your account credentials, then select Manage Account. Here, you will be able to add new user logins.

Clicking the Add User button will allow you to create a new username and password for this login, as well as which HS3 license you want this login to be able to access. You can also specify whether this account will work with the MyHS web page, the mobile apps we offer, or both.

Setting Up Multiple Systems or Licenses

If you have multiple HS3 systems that you want to access from a single MyHS account, simply visit, enter your account credentials, then select Manage Account. You will then want to click Add License, which will request the license ID and password combination for the system you are looking to add. Once this information is entered, you will be given an option of which system you would like to connect to whenever you log into MyHS via the web page or the apps!

If the license you originally set your MyHS account up with is no longer in service, or you'd like to make a different system your main unit, you can use the Change Primary License button to make make this change.