Zigbee Support

With the free HSZigbee plugin, the Sylvania Lightify Gateway can be used to add Zigbee Light Link Protocol devices to HomeSeer. This includes products from manufacturers such as Sylvania, GE, Phillips, and others. This plugin will not work with other Zigbee hardware such as outlets or thermostats, only with Light Link hardware.

To install the HSZigbee plugin, follow these instructions. HomeSeer Zigbee is located under Additional Interfaces > Lighting & Primary Technology. The plugin may be uninstalled by clicking the X icon under the Instance column.

Step 1: App Setup

Before the plugin may be configured, the Osram Lightify app must be installed on an Android or iOS device. The app will provide instructions for creating a Lightify account and setting up the Lightify gateway on a Wi-Fi connection. This app may also be used to control connected bulbs.

Step 2: Plugin Setup

Navigating to Plugins > HSZigbee > Zigbee Config will display the settings for this plugin. Click either the North American or European Access and Refresh link depending on where you reside. This will bring you to the Lightify login page, where you will be prompted to grant HS3 access to your Lightify account. Once this is granted, a token and a refresh token will be created; store these in the appropriate fields on the Zigbee Config page.

Finally, click the Create HomeSeer Devices button to create your devices. These devices may now be added to events and can mingle with everything else in your HomeSeer system!

W.Vuyk JowiHue Plugin

This 3rd party plugin works with the Phillips Hue Bridge, as well as a Raspbee or ConBee with deCONZ installed. The devices compatible with your installation will depend on which of the three interfaces you have, and more than one can be installed with a HomeSeer system. 

As with all plugins, JowiHue can be installed and run as a full, 30 day trial from Plugins > Manage. For more information regarding setup and compatible devices, please visit the support forum here. Feel free to reach out to w.vuyk directly or in a public thread. The sticky threads contain important information so be sure to start there.