Changing the Primary License in Your MyHS account

If you purchase a new HomeSeer system or software license and don't plan on using the old one, you can update your MyHS account to connect you to your new installation without deleting your account. 

In order to update the primary license, visit, enter your credentials, then select Manage Account.

If you do not have a Premium MyHS subscription, you will see a message indicating that a subscription is required for additional features. However, you will still see options like Change Password, Access System, Logout, and most importantly for us, Change Primary License

Once you click Change Primary License, you will be requested for your old license ID and password as well as the new license ID and password. 

If you have HomeTrollers, this information will be printed on a sticker on the bottom of your controller. If you have lost or thrown out your HomeTrollers or purchased a software license online and can no longer locate it, you can request your licenses at the bottom of this page. If you run into any issues changing or requesting your licenses, feel free to reach out to us here!