How to Connect HS3Touch Designer to HS3

After installing and opening the HS3Touch Designer software, you will be prompted to connect it to your HS3 installation. Whether you have one of our HomeTrollers or it is installed on your own hardware, you will have two options: Connect with MyHomeSeer or Host or IP Address

If you select the MyHomeSeer connection, the Host or IP Address fields will become grayed out, as seen to the right. You will then want to enter the credentials that you use to log into with, then click OK. If you have more than one system on your MyHS account via a Premium subscription, you will be given the choice of which system to connect to. If not, you will be brought to the HS3Touch Designer interface and are ready to start designing!

If you select Host or IP Address, you will then want to enter the IP address of your HS3 system. The default port is 10200. If you are unaware what this is, leave it as the default. If HS3Touch Designer is installed on the same Windows system as your HS3 software, you will want to use localhost per the screenshot to the right. If not, you will want to use the IP address, which can be seen in the address bar of your web browser after connecting to HS3 via

Note: will not detect HomeSeer software if using a VPN.

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