Installing and Updating a Plugin


Plugins are smaller pieces of software which "plug into" the core HS4 software and add functionality for new products, protocols, or features. If you run into any issues setting up a HomeSeer-developed plugin, please contact us here. If you experience issues with a plugin developed by one of our 3rd party developers, they can be contacted on the sub-forum for that plugin here.


  1. Navigate to Plugins > Add to get to the HS4 plugins list. Here, you will see a list of featured plugins and you may also search for a desired plugin.
  2. Once you have found the plugin you are looking for, click on it. A small window will pop up in your browser, giving you the options to view the store page, support forum or release notes for that plugin. Below these options, there is an Install button, click that. 
  3. You will see another small pop-up indicating that the plugin installation has either succeeded or failed. If it succeeded, you will be brought to the Installed page, where you can enable and start setting up your plugin. If the install failed then make a note of the exact message you receive and reach out to us and we will be happy to assist!


  1. Navigate to Plugins > Installed and you will see a list of all plugins that are currently installed. 
  2. If a plugin has an update available, you will see a cloud icon next to its version number. Click this to start the update.
  3. The plugin will take a moment to install its update and you should see the new version number listed when the update is complete. If the update does not complete successfully, you will receive a message to check Tools > Log for errors. A common fix for plugins not updating is to disable the plugin, then attempt to update it.

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