Setting Up and Controlling the Chromecast Plugin


With the Chromecast plugin, you can add any Chromecast and Google Home devices you have at home! You can view and control the content playing around your home, and even send Text To Speech (TTS) messages to anything connected.


The Chromecast plugin is relatively unique in that once it is installed and enabled, your devices will automatically appear in your device list. Clicking the Devices button will bring you 

If your device list is displayed in the grid view, you will be given pause, play, reverse, forward, mute, and volume controls. Feel free to add this device to your dashboard in HomeSeer Mobile to use as a remote for content being played on one of your Chromecasts!there, where among the other devices in your system you will see any Chromecast devices on your network. 

If your device list is using the list view, seen below, you will see more controls and deeper breakdowns of the content playing on your Chromecast devices. 

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