Installing Plug-ins

Installing Drivers (Plug-ins)

Your HomeSeer system was designed to work with many different home automation technologies. Each technology requires a specialized hardware interface and software driver (“plug-in”). The HomeTroller Zee includes a built-in hardware interface for Z-Wave. Other hardware interfaces must be connected externally. Follow the steps below to enable the appropriate plug-in(s) for the technologies you wish to work with:

  1. From the HomeTroller web interface, open the Plugins menu and select Manage. 
  2. Click the yellow circle before Additional Interfaces to open the listing of plug-in categories. 
  3. Click the corresponding yellow circle before each category to browse the list of available plug-ins. 
  4. To install a plug-in, simply click the checkbox before it and then click the “Download and Install” button in the section above. 
  5. The installation process may take a few minutes. When done, your plug-in will now display in the “Installed Plug-ins” section at the top of the page. 
  6. You must now Enable the plug-in and configure it with the correct COM port or IP Address setting, depending on the type of hardware interface installed. Refer to the hardware interface manual for details.

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