Event Actions: Control A Device


This action is designed to control a device when the event is executed. The action may be accessed by selecting Control A Device from the action group menu. 

Control A Device

The action requires the selection of a device, feature and control. In the example below, the device is First Floor Bathroom Sconce Light, the feature is Switch and control is set to On

Delayed Device Action

Control A Device includes a feature that's designed to delay the control of the device for a specified period of time. In this example, the First Floor Bathroom Sconce Light will be turned on after waiting 30 minutes.  

HS4 accomplishes this additional functionality by automatically creating a special Delayed Actions event group and placing a temporary Delayed Action event inside it. The trigger for this event is set to the current time plus the After Waiting time; 30 Minutes in this case.

After the Delayed Action event executes, it will be automatically deleted. If there are no other delayed action events, the Delayed Actions event group will also be automatically deleted.

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