MyHS Registration


  1. To begin using MyHSRemote you will need to register your HS3 software with the connected service.
  2. Once the HSTouch has finished installing, go ahead and open it up. You will be prompted with a Log In to MyHS screen.
  3. Click Register. Your default browser will come forward and load the registration page.
  4. Enter in the preferred email address you would like to use to be tied to your myHS for the Account Email Address. This will later be used as your myHS username.
  5. Enter a preferred Account Password. You will use this as the password to enter in your MyHS settings.
  6. The License ID you are asked for is your HS3 licenseID. The same goes for your License Password. (For HomeTroller HS3 users, this is located on the bottom of your unit. For HS3 software users, this information was emailed to you.)
  7. Click Register. You will receive a confirmation on the next screen unless errors are detected. You will also be emailed an email that requires a confirmation. Click the link in the email.

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