Adding Z-Wave Devices

In order to control Z-Wave devices, such as light switches, thermostats, door locks and sensors, they must be added into a Z-Wave "network". Follow the steps below to create your Z-Wave network and to add devices.  

Note: the steps below assume you've already physically installed Z-Wave devices in your home.

Via Z-Tool+ (requires HS3 version and Z-Wave version

To begin using Z-Tool+, the app must be downloaded from within your App Store. Open either the Play Store, iTunes Store, or Windows Store and search for 'Z-Tool+', then click Install

(For a more comprehensive guide to using Z-Tool+, click  here.)

  1. Z-Tool+ will automatically find your system(s). Click Select a System if you have more than one local system.
  2. Select the Add or Remove action you wish to complete.
  3. Activate the network button (or button sequence) on your Z-Wave device and observe the inclusion process in the log window. Once removed, a confirmation will show in the log.
  4. Once the Add process is finished, a window will pop up to name and change the location attributes of the device.
  5. Your device can now be controlled via HomeSeer Mobile or HS3 Web Control.

Via Web Control Page

  1. From the web interface, use the drop menus to navigate to the Z-Wave Controller Management page (PLUG-INS > Z-Wave > Controller Management).
  2. Locate the Z-Wave Interfaces area and expand your Z-Wave Controller section. Open the Actions menu and choose Add/Include a Node.
  3. Click the Start button. Your HomeTroller is now in Add mode and is ready to communicate with your device.
  4. Activate the network button (or button sequence) on your device and observe the adding process in the green log window. When done, you'll receive an acknowledgement such as "Finished". Your Z-Wave device is now a part of your Z-Wave network!

Note: Battery operated devices should be right next to the Z-Wave controller when adding. Door locks should be no more than 10 feet away when being added and should be removed first.