Importing, Editing, and Controlling your Z-Wave Devices

Importing Z-Wave devices

  1. In the web interface, open the PLUG-INS drop menu, then Z-Wave, then click on Controller Management.
  2. Locate the Z-Wave Interfaces area and expand your Z-Wave Controller section. Open the Actions menu and choose Import Node Info from Controller and Scan Devices.
  3. Click the Start button. Your Hometroller will now import your device information from the Z-Stick. When done, you'll receive an acknowledgement such as "Finished with Z-Wave device synchronization". Your Z-Wave devices may now be monitored and controlled from the HomeTroller!

Editing and Controlling Z-Wave devices

  1. In the web interface, open the VIEW drop menu, then click on Device Management.
  2. Click Show All in the upper right hand area of the page to see a list of all your devices.
  3. To edit the name, location and other properties of any device, click the name in the Name column.
  4. To control the device, use the buttons in the Control column.

Configuring Device Settings

  1. In the web interface, go to your Device Management page and click on the device you wish to configure.
  2. Click on the Z-Wave tab.
  3. Here you have the following options: Rescan, Remove Node, Test Connectivity, Optimize, Full Optimize and Audit This Node. Associations can also be set here.
  4. Expanding the Settings section will allow you to change the wake-up interval for battery operated devices. Here you will also see many settings for different parameters depending on the device.
  5. For devices that support associations, there will be an Associations section beneath the Settings section. Here you can set up companion switches to work with Z-Wave associated master switches.