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This property allows you to get or set whether logging is to take place on the process this property is set from.  If you set this property in a script, then all logging entries from procedures run from the script are stopped.  If this property is set from a plug-in, then logging from that plug-in is prevented until NoLog is reset or the plug-in is shut-down and restarted.


Parameter: NoLog
Type: Boolean
Description: When set to True, logging for the process thread is turned off.


Return value: NoLog
Type: Boolean
Description: Provides the current NoLog setting for the process the property is retrieved from.


To disable logging for the current process thread (script, plug-in, event):

Sample Code
hs.NoLog = True


Log entries (e.g. WriteLogDetail) which include a Priority value of 1 (highest) are always written regardless of the NoLog setting.

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