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These articles contain information about our previous version of HomeSeer. HS3 is a legacy program and no longer supported via development or support.

Changing Temperature Scale (HS3)

How-to change the temperature scale in HS3.

Changing the Default Username and Password (HS3)

How-to change the default username and password in HS3.

How to Create a Full Backup (HS3)

A how-to on creating a full backup in HS3.

How to Restore a Full Backup (HS3)

A how-to on restoring a full backup in HS3.

How to Create Email/Text Messages with HomeSeer Device Values (HS3)

A how-to on creating email/text messages with HomeSeer device values in HS3.

Installing Plugins (HS3)

Overview on installing plugins in HS3.

Schedule Door Lock User Codes (HS3)

A how-to on scheduling door lock user codes in HS3.

Setting up non HomeSeer IP Cameras (HS3)

How-to set up non HomeSeer IP cameras in HS3.

Using Event Engine (HS3)

Information on using the event engine in HS3.

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