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As some of you may have seen, there is a new Pricing menu option. This is where we will be putting all tools related to plugin pricing. The first available tool grants authors (you!) the ability to offer a discount on the purchase of your HS4 plugin if the user owns the HS3 version.

HS4 plugins will show up in the left menu (labeled HS4) and HS3 plugins will show up in the right menu (labeled HS3). In between those two lists is a discount box for setting the current discount. The disable checkbox will allow you to quickly disable any active discount rules.

Under the HS4 section, select the plugin that the customer will be purchasing. Now, enter the discount you wish to give to existing customers in the Discount(%) field. Lastly, in the HS3 section, you will select which HS3 plugin the customer must own to get the designated discount. Clicking submit will push the rule out for availability and a confirmation will show.

Your HS4 and HS3 plugins must exist in the portal, the shop, and licensing database to show up in each respective list.

User Redemption
The end-user will visit our shop to get their discount code(s). Each user will need to have their HS3 license ID, password, and email associated with the license in order to receive a one-time-use discount code, only good towards the HS4 version. One discount per license.

For all other questions, please email or give us a call at 1-603-471-2816 and ask for Tyler.

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