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Tools required: medium standard and Phillips head screwdrivers, wire strippers/cutters

  1. Shut off power to the circuit at the circuit breaker or fuse box. VERIFY power is OFF before continuing!
  2. Remove existing 3-way switch's wall plate and mounting screws. Carefully remove the existing switch from the electrical box but leave the wires connected.
  3. This companion switch should only be connected to these three wires:
    1. NEUTRAL - White (this wire is often tied to other neutral wires and may require a jumper to connect with the HS-WA100+)
    2. GROUND - Green or Bare
    3. TRAVELER - Red/Other (only used in 3-way circuits)

  4. Disconnect the wires from the existing switch and attach those wires to the HS-WA100+ using the screw terminal connectors and the back with the following procedure:
    1. Strip 16 mm (5/8") insulation from each wire*.
    2. With a screw driver, loosen each screw terminal by rotating the screw counter-clockwise a few turns until resistance is felt.
    3. There are two holes on the back of the switch near each screw terminal. Insert the stripped wire into one of these holes and tighten the screw terminal to secure connection. Connections should be snug. *Note: all wires should be 14 AWG or larger rated at 80°C or higher. Tightening torque should be 12 lbf-in (14kgf-cm).

  5. Carefully install the wired switch back into the electrical box and reattach the trim plate. Note: Up to (3) HS-WA100+ companions may be combined with (1) HS-WD200+ or (1) HS-WS200+ for 4-way or 5-way operation.