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Articles pertaining to our cloud service MyHS. Here you will find information on premium subscriptions, managing your account, and using MyHS. 

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Adding Additional Systems to MyHS

How to add additional systems to your MyHS Premium account.

Adding Users to MyHS

How to add users to your MyHS Premium account

Configuring a MyHS Premium Account

Upgrade from a MyHS Basic account with a Premium subscription to enable cloud camera recordings and system backups as well as the ability to add multiple HomeSeer systems and create additional logins for family members or visitors. See below for how to subscribe and set up each of these features.

Connecting with HSTouch through MyHS

Instructions on connecting to your system via HSTouch through MyHS.

Creating Your Free MyHS Account

Custom MyHS Plans

If you have needs that do not fit into our standard MyHS Premium plans, check out this article for more information.

Setting Up and Managing Cloud Backups

Updating MyHS Subscription

Information on updating your MyHS plan, payment method, billing information and viewing invoices.

Updating the Primary System on Your MyHS Account

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