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Located here are articles about our various environmental sensors. Purchase Sensors

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HS-DS100 Setup

Operation and physical installation of the HS-DS100.

HS-DS100 Sensor Z-Wave Configuration

This article will guide you in adding and removing your DS100.

HS-FLS100 Z-Wave Inclusion

Inclusion instructions for the HS-FLS100+.

Configuring Device Settings on HSM200 (HS3)

Temperature Sensor Calibration (HS3)

HS-MS100+ Z-Wave Installation

Installing and Z-Wave configuration for the HS-MS100+.

HS-LS100+ Sensor Z-Wave Installation

Installing and Z-Wave configuration for the HS-LS100+.

HSM200 User Guide

Online manual for the HSM200 Z-Wave Multi-sensor

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