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  1. Camera Settings

    Overview Use these settings to configure your security cameras for use with HS4 and MyHS. To access these settings, click Setup, then Cameras. download (6).png Camera Recording Save Recordings Locally: check this box to save recordings to your local system (in the Captures folder). Upload Recordings to MyHS
    HS4Aug 14, 2020
  2. Add a Camera Widget to the Dashboard

    This article will show you how to add a camera widget to your HomeSeer Mobile dashboard. On Android: From the Cameras section of the app, you can tap the three-dot menu button in the top right after tapping a camera, which will open a small menu giving you two options to add the device to your dashboard: Add
    HomeSeer ProductsSep 30, 2020
  3. IP Camera FAQ

    Frequently asked questions about using IP Cameras on HomeSeer Mobile. Frequently Asked Questions Why does HomeSeer Mobile need special permissions? In order to add the HomeSeer IP Cameras to HomeSeer, the camera needs to be made aware of your home Wi-Fi connections. Both Amazon Echo and Google Home are set
    HomeSeer ProductsSep 30, 2020
  4. Enabling Camera Auto-discovery

    How to enable Camera auto-discovery in HS4. The HS-CAM-I and HS-CAM-O both require camera auto-discovery to be enabled in HS3. Simply navigate to Setup, then click on the Cameras tab. Auto Discover Supported Cameras will be the first option on this page, and it should be checked. image2021-1-4_9-47-53.png
    HomeSeer ProductsJan 04, 2021
  5. HomeSeer IP Camera Requirements

    Requirements for HomeSeer HS-CAM-I and HS-CAM-O. HomeSeer or later HomeSeer Mobile Android— 1.1.0 or later  iOS— 1.1.6 or later Auto Discover Supported Cameras must be checked in HS3 under TOOLS > Setup > Cameras. HomeSeer Mobile must be connected via an Admin or Admin+Local account. 2.4GHz
    HomeSeer ProductsJan 04, 2021
  6. Setting up non HomeSeer IP Cameras (HS3)

    How-to set up non HomeSeer IP cameras in HS3. To set up a non HomeSeer IP Camera within HS3, follow these steps. Note: Foscam and Amcrest IP Netcams will be automatically detected by HS3 whereas other cameras will not. This feature may be disabled from Tools > Setup, under the Cameras tab. Navigate to Tools
    LegacyFeb 11, 2021
  7. Cameras

    Articles about using cameras on HomeSeer Mobile.
    HomeSeer ProductsSep 30, 2020
  8. Cameras

    Docs on using the Live View and Recordings within HS4. This "Children Display macro takes care of laying out a list of all of the pages that are direct children of this page including their excerpts for easy navigation.
    HS4Aug 17, 2020
  9. camera_id_to_name Method

    Return the name of the camera given a camera name Namespace: Scheduler Assembly: Scheduler (in Scheduler.dll) Version: ( Syntax C … Parameters id Type: System.String The ID of the camera to look up Return Value Type
    Plugin SDKAug 30, 2019
  10. camera_snapshots Method

    Return a list of cameras Namespace: Scheduler Assembly: Scheduler (in Scheduler.dll) Version: ( Syntax C# public static List<cam_item> camera_snapshots() VB Public Shared Function camera_snapshots As List(Of cam_item) Return Value Type: List
    Plugin SDKAug 30, 2019