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This article highlights the differences between the (2021) HS-WX300 Dimmer & Switch and the (2018) HS-WD200+ Dimmer



HS-WX300 replaces the HS-WD200+ and includes many new improvements. This document will highlight the differences between these products.

Device Type

When paired to a hub, WD200 presents itself as a Z-Wave "multi-level" device. As such, the app will create a multi-level control (typically a slider). It is possible to configure the ramp rate to be, more or less, instant on, instant off. However, the app will always display the slider.

Before pairing, this model can be configured to operate as a dimmer or as a switch using a paddle tap sequence or a small button near the yoke. When paired as a dimmer, a slider will be displayed in the app. When paired as a switch (Z-Wave "binary" device), only on and off buttons will be displayed.

Wiring Type

This model require a neutral wire. That is fine for the majority of modern homes. However, many older homes do not have neutrals at some switch locations.

This model can operate with or without a neutral. When wired without a neutral, the switch simply siphons the power from the connected line wire and uses that power to energize it's circuit. A simple tap sequence is all that's needed to tell the switch it's wired without a neutral. This will ensure that the dimming performance is good.

3-Way Circuits

This model requires an HS-WA100+ companion for 3-way operation.

This model can operate with an HS-WA100+ companion or it may be wired to a conventional 3-way switch.
Note: when wired with a conventional 3-way switch, dimming will only be possible from the WX300 switch location. The conventional 3-way switch will only turn the load on and off.

Physical Size

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This model can be installed into most common modern electrical boxes. The yoke includes tabs that must be removed for installation into multi-switch gang boxes.

This model is physically smaller (less deep) which allows it to be installed into older smaller electrical boxes. The yoke is also physically smaller and does not have tabs. This makes it easier to install into multi-gang boxes.


This model requires well-designed LED bulb electronics for best dimming performance. Cheaper bulbs tend to degrade dimming performance (dimming range and flicker threshold).

This model was designed to support a wider range of LED bulbs and exhibits smoother dimming over a wider range of dim levels.


This feature was not changed (functionally) with the new model. However, the HS-WX300 LEDs are a tab bit brighter than those in the HS-WD200.

Scene Control

No change with the new model.