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These instructions have been tested under Debian and Ubuntu.

  1. Install Debian or Ubunutu Ubuntu per its instructions. Ubuntu on Windows 10 will also work.
  2. Install the following packages that are required by HS4:
    Note that MONO is required, but it is already installed with the Debian distribution. However, a few packages are missing:
    apt-get install mono-devel
    apt-get install mono-vbnc
    apt-get install flite
    apt-get install chromium
    apt-get install aha
    apt-get install ffmpeg
    apt-get install aplay
  3. If brltty is installed, this must be removed in order for a Z-Stick to work:
    apt-get remove brltty
  4. Download the latest HS4 tar file, latest release can be found here:
  5. Download the latest "Linux Standard" tar file.
  6. Change the directory to where you want to install it.
    Our default is:
    cd /usr/local
  7. untar with the command:
    tar xvf tar_filename
  8. Change directory into the newly created HomeSeer folder:
    cd HomeSeer
  9. Run HS4 using the "go" script: