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This guide will assist in upgrading your Zee S2 or Pi software from HS3 to HS4. If you've been automating your home with HS3 on Windows and have purchased an upgrade to HS4, thank you for your patronage! The instructions below will walk you through installing HS4 on your PC. If you run into any questions or issues, please reach out to us here.


  • If you are upgrading from HS3, make sure you have your HS3 license ID and password, you will need this when registering HS4. If you don't have them you can request them from here.
  • If your Zee S2 or Pi system has a micro SD card with 8GB of space, you may experience issues. Not all 16GB cards will be large enough to complete either. If you upgrade to HS4 and are unable to access the web interface, please check the size of your micro SD card. A 32GB micro SD card will work without issue.
  • If you have problems with the procedure below or would like to do a CLEAN install, jump to the clean install section of this doc.


To prepare for the upgrade procedure, first make sure your Zee S2 or Pi software is updated to version You can do this in Tools→Setup→General.


Yellow = system upgrades

Green = good to go

Maintenance Page

When you visit while local to your system, you will see the system's name as well as a Maintenance link. 


Once you have your Zee S2 nearby, navigate to and select Maintenance next to your system. You will see the new Maintenance page with an updated look, feel, and options. Select Upgrade in the Upgrade to HS4 section of the Main page. 

Step 1: Backup Backup HS3

Select Backup under Step 1 to backup your HS3 system. It is not recommended to skip this step. 

This step will create a backup of your current HS3 folder and allow you to download the backup once finished for safe keeping. You can expect output on the page once the backup is complete. If no output is visible, the backup did not work and should be run again. Once the backup is complete you will have the ability to download your backup for safe keeping. This backup is what is used if you choose to revert back to HS3 via Restore HS3 Backup. This backup cannot be used to restore within HS3 or HS4 interface.

Step 2: Install HS4

Select Install under Step 2 to perform the last step of the upgrade.


Note: If you are having trouble viewing devices in HomeSeer Mobile, make sure the user you are logging in with, typically MyHS, is added as a User in HS4.

Reverting to HS3

To restore your previous HS3 system, click restore within the Restore HS3 Backup section.

Update System

This process will update your system if you have issues with HS4. Your system will have it’s packages updated but not the entire OS distribution. The primary package being upgraded is mono. If you are on mono 3.2.8 or 4.5.1, you will more than likely need to run this. Systems running 'wheezy' or 'jessie' will get mono 5 and systems running 'stretch' or 'buster' will get mono 6.