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Information regarding Settings for the Z-Wave UI plugin.


The settings page of the Z-Wave UI allows you to modify the menu options to show your options and layouts that may be more familiar for some users.


Below are basic options available to the Z-Wave UI plugin. Be sure to click Save after making any changes

Target Z-Wave Interface

This option shows the current Z-Wave interface being targeted by the Z-Wave UI plugin and it's status of whether it is enabled or disabled.

Show Legacy Z-Wave Menu

Enabling this option will add the old Z-Wave menu options to the new Z-Wave menu giving you both options to use. 

Disabled (default)

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Show Legacy Z-Wave Device Config Page

Enabling this option will force the Z-Wave Device Config page to use the HS3 layout for Z-Wave device configuration pages. When disabled the option will use the HS4 layout and design standards. You will need to enable this setting to have access to Polling.

Disabled (Default)

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Clicking Manage will bring you to the HS3 layout of device config (deviceutility)

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