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This function indicates if the device does or does not exist using its Address property (See also DeviceExistsCode).


Parameter: Address
Type: string
Description: This is the device address, such as "Unit1", "0F47ED78-2", or "U2-I45-K2.2"

Parameter: CaseSensitive
Type: Boolean
Description: When True, the address must match exactly.  When false, the address match is case insensitive such that apple2=APPLE2


Return value: status
Type: long (.NET Integer)
Description: Returns -1 if the device does not exist, otherwise it returns the device reference ID number of the device.  The reference number can then be used with the GetDeviceByRef functionGetDeviceRef function.


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  • The address field can contain any string of characters.  The format and value is determined by a plug-in in the event that the device is owned by a plug-in.
  • When retrieved, the Address property includes the Code property, separated by a dash (-) if the Code property is set.  For example, if the Address was set to "Unit1" and the code field is not used, then retrieving the Address field will result in "Unit1".  If the Address was set to "Unit1" and the code was set to "Y55", then retrieving the Address field will result in "Unit1-Y55".
  • When this function is used, the Code field is NOT combined with the Address field.  (See DeviceExistsAddressFull to find a device using its full address-code value.)