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This document details the procedure required to run HS4 as a service on a Windows computer or Windows-based HomeTroller hub.

Application vs Service

Windows applications can only be launched on computers that have been logged into after startup. Because of this, HS4 systems must be configured to automatically log in on startup. This is relatively easy to set up but it does present a security challenge. Conversely, Windows services can be configured to launch automatically on startup without logging in. This is a more secure approach, especially for computers that are not physically secured.

Installing the Service

  1. Install HS4 v4.2.7.0 (or later)
  2. Launch the HS4 application
  3. Open the Windows system tray on the task bar and locate the HS4 icon
  4. Right-click on the icon and select Install Service from the menu. This will install the service.
  5. Right-click the icon and select Exit to close the HS4 application.
  6. Launch the HS4 application again. Then open the menu again and select Start Service. This will start the service.
  7. From this point on, HS4 will launch and run automatically when your system starts up.

Uninstalling the Service

Should you wish to revert to running HS4 as an application, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the HS4 application (if it's not running already)
  2. Open the Windows system tray, right click on the HS4 icon and select Stop Service from the menu. This will stop the service.
  3. Open the menu again and select Uninstall Service. The service will now be uninstalled.
  4. From this point on, HS4 will launch and run as an application.

Installing Updates

It's not necessary to stop the service to install HS4 updates. Simply use the standard process that's handled from the Updates section of the General tab on the HS4 Setup screen.

Known Issues

When HS4 is running as a service...

  • The HS4 service will not be able to work with microphones or speakers controlled directly by Windows audio services. However, HS4 will be able to play audio files and text to speech announcements using the HS4 speaker client or via HSTouch clients. 
  • The HS4 application does not normally need to run and is only used to install, uninstall, start and stop the HS4 service. It will not automatically launch on startup. Should you wish to have the HS4 application launch on startup (optional), you can use the Windows Task Scheduler to set this up. See this doc for details.
  • HSSentry will not launch (and should not be needed).
  • A Windows firewall rule will be needed for remote access if the web server is configured to start on any port other than 80. If HS4 cannot be accessed remotely after converting to a service, it will be necessary to create a rule to allow the service to work through the Windows firewall.

    Be sure to allow public and private access. App location is: C:\Program Files (x86)\HomeSeer HS4\HomeSeerService.exe