This article will show you how to setup MyQ and manage devices from MyQ.


MyQ is a WiFi-based protocol which allows for integration of MyQ enabled garage doors. 

Once you install and enable the plugin, you will see a prompt to Go to the Settings page for initial setup. This is a hyperlink, click it and you will be brought to a setup screen for the plugin. Alternatively, navigate to Plugins > MyQ > Settings

Setting up Devices

Once at the Settings screen, to connect your controller add your MyQ Username and Password. Once connected, your existing garage door(s) will show up as devices

Managing Devices

If you add more MyQ devices to your home, those will automatically show up on your Device page. Here, your device list will show the current status (open, closed, or closing) and offer the ability to Open or Close your garage door. 

MyQ Settings

From Plugins > MyQ > Settings > you can adjust the polling interval in the General tab, or adjust the logging settings in the Logging tab. It is not necessary to adjust any of these settings unless instructed by technical support.